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Parker Busswood wins Govenor General’s Award

Congratulations to Parker Busswood (Interactive Design Grad 2012) for winning the Governor General’s Academic Medal, one of the most prestigious academic awards in the country.

Congratulations Parker. You are most deserving of such an honour!

Posted by drankin / 05.30.12
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Capilano University Photography

Here are several photos from my final round of photos for my photography project. I previously took photos at Lonsdale Quay (see post) and Gastown (see post). I found that there was quite a variety of subject matter to take photos of, including the Studio Art sculptures throughout the campus.

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Posted by pbusswood / 12.15.11
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Michelle Binkley Interning at Dare Digital

Entering week two of six of my internship at DARE Digital. So far so good – my brain hurts more than it did in class as I learn everything threefold: who everyone is and their areas of expertise, bits and pieces of info and details about all the accounts, and then there is the dreaded PC – (gasp!). I have my friend Mr. Mac with me too (is is weird that my computer skin for the last two years is the same colour orange as the DARE orange?).

I am interning with the three project managers [insert industry lingo “producers” here], and their established and fabulous leader  Tara, the Director of Operations. These four producers really know how to perform their individual tasks and keep their roster of accounts in prime condition, as well as working as a group to stay focused on the overall vision of Dare. The enormous amounts of teamwork we did in school is all coming back to me – thanks INTE!

There are numerous meetings throughout the day and I’m starting with a few small projects to get into the groove and help out. The use of spreadsheets is excessive but necessary to keep it all organized and not miss the details. It’s great for me to shadow the different producers and see how their individual ways of producing vary from one another yet integrate well together – sorta like a well-tuned amoeba.

I sign off today with a big dose of gratitude to the universe for steering me here in my quest to be with a bunch of “good eggs” – people who have fantastic energy and a good balance between work and lifestyle – cheers to DARE!

Posted by mbinkley / 03.14.11
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2011 Interactive Design Graduation Show

2011 Interactive Design Graduation Show Site

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

4:00 pm–7:00 pm

Vancouver Public Library (Alice MacKay Room)

350 West Georgia Street, Vancouver

Come meet the grads and review their interactive portfolios that demonstrate their creativity and knowledge in their areas of specialization: web design and development, interactive multimedia, information architecture and eLearning.

This is the sixth class to graduate from Capilano University’s innovative Interactive Design program. These students have developed an impressive range of skills that fit closely with the needs of today’s digital media industry.

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