Michelle Torillo Experience @ Absolute Creative

For the last two weeks I have been working at absolutecreative, a small branding company that does creative design (logo, poster, promotion, and stationary), web design and development, multimedia, photography, and packaging. The experience so far is pretty good having multiple projects handed to me varying from web development to pamphlet design. On the first day of work I have been introduced to Bruce and Persia. Bruce gave me a tour of the office space, which was great and was my first experience working in a shared office space among different mini companies.

So far I have completed a simple pamphlet design for one project, and now working on a site map for another project and doing web development for another separate project. Over all it’s been a busy two weeks so far but it’s looking pretty good

When comparing the professional environment to the classroom environment, I have to say there are some differences and similarities. At school I was used to sitting in a large classroom filled with awesome people, that had their own strengths and weaknesses. Then together we collaborated and completed several different projects and at the same time made critiques, and recommendations with each other to improve our skill set.

During my current state, I have to say that the professional setting feels pretty much the same, working with others, having critiques, and feedback. There are multiple projects that I receive and I finish each and every one on the go and ask for help when needed.

The main challenge for me this time is to adjust towards my new co-workers by being able to feel comfortable with them and visa versa. I feel that i need to talk with them more about my work and on how I could assist them better.

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Monday, April 30th, 2012 design, internship, strategy

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