Kristof’s Internship Introduction @ Dash 2 Digital Systems

Dash 2 Digital Systems

I have come to the end of my first week of my new internship at Dash 2 Digital Systems, and I can say that so far it has been a very new and exciting experience. Dash2 is a Vancouver based software solutions company that provides freelance web development on mobile apps & websites, facebook integration, and much more. I was brought on as a UX Designer, giving me the opportunity to put my design skills to good use.

The first week – having come to an end – has been quite an experience; fun & thrilling and also a bit challenging at times. The experience hasn’t been terribly different from that of the classroom in terms the workflow and collaboration. The big difference is that it’s now with a new set of people, real clients, and critical deadlines.

Because it is freelance work, I am given the opportunity to work from distance and on a more flexible daily schedule. We meet in the office once a week to get briefed, to go over new & current projects, reflect past work, discuss new ideas & strategies, and other such things. There is also a 3-hour block everyday when we must be available to communicate via chat/Skype and update progress.

During this first week I quickly got started on 2 new projects, creating animated gifs of different sizes for advertising 2 of the company’s websites. This has been a great start into understanding the system of reporting and communication with the team, while also developing quality designs following the company’s outlined project flow & process of design. This was new territory for me, as I had never designed or animated advertisements, and had to learn a few new skills along the way. By the end of the week I ended up ahead of schedule, having completed all the banner ads and their revisions ahead of time.

Overall it has been a great experience – all in a week, which has gone by surprisingly quickly.

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Friday, April 20th, 2012 design, internship, strategy

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